reliability on the 2002 wr426 and pics of this bike please

ive been looking for a 2006 wr450f but i have seen a 2002 wr426 and would like to see some pics of how it would look in different mods and styles and are they as reliable as any other wr's?????????

All of the WR line-up are super dependable and easy to maintain. Take a look at my garage. I've had a couple of different graphics styles and was in a black and blue mode for awhile.

I've had a 2001 wr426 for 3 years now and it never let me down, did 2 seasons of enduro's and hare and hounds on it and never missed a beat, if anything it was me that was let down:bonk: I'll try and insert a photo of it but never done it before.

i would be listening if i were in California but i live in uk lmao, shame

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