XR600R Case Saver

After buying a reported case saver that doesn't fit my XR, I spent some time last night looking for a good case saver. XR's Only looks good, but at over $50 after shipping, sounds a bit steep. I also looked at the Summer Racing kiwi saver, but it looks like it only bolts up in one spot, and is about the same price.

Moose makes case savers in the $19 range, but they don't currently list one for the XR600. Who else makes a case saver for the XR, and what's the best place to order one from?

I have never seen a factory case saver for the xr600/xr650l. All the ones I have seen are custom fabbed by the owners. It is not hard to do, as I have made them for my own 650l.

You should buy the XR's Only case saver. It uses the rear motor mount, which will transfer the impact, if your chain should break, to the frame. Not to the left side case, which is $470 from Honda. It's worth it. They also make a clutch cable mount, and a chain guide. All of which I run on my '96 XR600R. Spend the xtra money.

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