Any reason to NOT powder coat 426 frame?

Hey guys, I have an 01 426 that I love. I live in CA and need the green sticker and I ride the track as well so it works out. I think it's time to get her all cleaned up so I'm either going to have the frame re-painted or powder coated. Is there any reason to NOT powder coat the frame with the oil etc.. going through the frame? Has anyone done this before? Does it last longer than paint?? Let me know, thanks!:smirk:

1> Be certain the powder coaters understand that the frame is an oil tank, and that they will take measures to keep the interior clean an free of all pigments and blasting media.

>2 Tell them not to bury the VIN number.

Thats good info, thanks. What about heat, will it make the oil heat up any more or less than the paint? What about chipping, is it a stronger material that won't chip as much maybe? I'm also thinking about hitting the swing arm so any info would be a great help, thanks!!

My frame was powder coated several years ago and looks good still. The only problem was I bought an extra dip stick to plug the hole, and it leaked during the heat process and small amount of oil bubbled out and ruined the powder coat, they had to sand blast again and redo it, it was very hard to sand blast the powder coat, but they took care of everything. Heres the only pic I have on photobucket, but you can see that the frame gets a little scuffed from my boots but thats it, there are some scratches under the engine of course. This is an '00 426. Mike


Wow, that looks great. Any clue on how much that would cost to do the frame? I love the yellow too. How long ago did you make all the changes? Nice!

I think 4 0r 5 years ago, the frame cost me $160. Mike

Make sure you have drawings and notes written so the DO NOT!!! paint or sandblast inside the oil tankand headtube. Tell them to plug every thread, and hole and make sure you don't have any bolts left in the frame because the paint and heating processes will leave it pretty much locked in.

I say do it. I had mine powdercoated and it turned out awesome. They did a good job of plugging all the holes (definitely make sure that gets taken care of too).

Even so, I set up a small in line pump with an inline fuel filter set up to circulate diesel through my oil tank before I used it. Didn't wanna take any chances.

They told me to plug all the bolt holes with bolts and they came out perfect, they also said to put tape where I didn't want powder coat and they would retape with their special tape, that also worked perfect. Mike

Thanks for the info. Do you know if it holds up better than the paint? Chips etc..? Thanks.

Holds up much better than paint in every way. Mike

As stated just make sure the oil tank is clean afterwards. I remember someone on her losing a motor because of not flushing the tank after powdercoating.

Powdercoating is Very Durable. Lots more than Paint. I have had two sportbikes done with no complaints!

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