XR 650L with Edelbrock Quicksilver Questions

hey everybody,

I recently bought an edelbrock quicksilver carb off of ebay for $54.00 and I am ready to install it. The only thing that is holding me back is knowing where inlet and outlet tubes go, and knowing if the stock cables will work, and knowing how to correctly mount it, etc.......:ride:

See, the edelbrock carb has only two barbs on it for tubes to go on, where as the stock carb had like 5 or 6. :):smirk:

Anyone who has done the mod or knows how to help, then contact me so i can get my baby back......ribs. :ride:


You got an Edelbrock for 54 bucks? Score!!

WOW nice deal:applause: .

Heres a link for the setup/adjustment for it.. http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/misc/tech_center/install/off-road_carbs/Off-Road_install.pdf * follow the "pumper" instructions

You can get the stock cables to work but I wouldn't recommend it.

Also obviously the large nipple on the left side is the fuel inlet which faces the petcock and the other is for a vent hose.

I got the correct set of cables from "Barnums" a while back with no problems but I know a few people have had issues with them, hopefully you won't.

Welcome to TT....

I am not sure if the edelbrock carb i got is the same one that is commonly used by other XR 650 riders. Here is a link to what my carb looks like..



Hopefully you all can see it... Well, there are only 2 barbs on the carb...you can see one of them in the bottom "bowl" of the carb.....i am guessing it is the outlet, and the other one is on the engine side of the carb on the top of the engine side hole. it is about 1/2 the size of the one you can see in the pictures. Does anyone know if i pull the numbers off of the carb, then can i find out what the hell it is online somewhere? Any help or replies would be great. Talk to you all soon. Thanks!

On the "R" model Edelbrock there is a fuel inlet as seen in photo one, and three vent lines that hang down, two large and one small. I believe the enrichner lever (if that's what I see in photo 2) on yours might indicate an older model, but I haven't seen an "L" model Edelbrock.

Edit - after looking at the photo's again, it looks like you have the non pumper version, I don't see the accelerator pump linkage in either photo.

I agree with Agent2 that appears to be an older non-pumper carb not the model specific one for the"L".

does anyone know if there is a way to make an accelerator pump fit this carb, or would it be better just to leave it as it is and try it out?

does anyone know if there is a way to make an accelerator pump fit this carb, or would it be better just to leave it as it is and try it out?
I doubt you can convert it to a pumper - completely different design. Even though the carb you got isn't a pumper, you did get it for 54 dollars, good price for a back up carb if you don't like it.

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