07 Wr 450 Engine Life

I Know There Has Been Threads About This But I Have Had My Bike Since Late 06, I Guess I Have About 180 Hrs, 35-40 Of Them Very Hard Riding, I Have A Fmf 4.1 Carbon Pipe, Yz Throttle Stop,k&n Air Filter,ss Oil Filter, Etc. The Bike Runs Great Still, And I Change The Oil All The Time, Mobil 1 Full Syn. Im Just Curious, Has Anyone Had Their New Wr Grenade On Them, I Could Not Imagine Doing An Engine Rebuild On This Thing!!!!!!! There Is A Million Parts, It Makes Me Sick To Think About When This Bike Blows. Anybody Have Experience With This???? Thanks!!!!!

With regular maintenance, it should last a very long time.

Get rid of the K&N and go foam filter...I know you dropped some duckets on that filter but have heard plenty more bad than good on em. And you should know that dirt and the inside of your motor mix like gas and water man.

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