07 Wr450 Coolant Overflow

I Took Off My Overflow Tank And Just Ran A Hose From The Radiator Cap Down The Frame, Will This Work Ok? I Dont See Why Not, Thats Exactly How The Yz Is Done, Does Anybody Have Any Ideas? It Should Be Fine Right?

Should work just fine--- if you want to boil all of the antifreeze out of your radiator in tight trail riding situations and then seize your motor.

I would keep the overflow on unless all you ride is fire roads and MX.

i did this on my 99 and it always leaks the fluid out... i ride all dunes on it too so its never going slow.

i had a 03 yz450 and when i was in the tight trails it boiled over like clock work... nothing like gettin a face full of hot steamy anti-freeze on a steep rocky hill to make u fall down and yack... trust me it WILL ruin ur day

The other thing about doing that is: it is an EPA violation or some BS like that and you could get fined and your green sticker taken and changed to a red sticker.

obviously its not a problem, the yz 450s have the same psi radiator cap, same radiator, everything, and they work fine without a tank, it has nothing to do with how fast it will 'boil over' ! :thumbsup:

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