650R Burnout!!!!

I thought it was lame only because he didnt try to do a stand up donut :thumbsup:

I'll get him to try that next time. We were a little scared when we heard the loud bang into second....or was that third....

This makes the motorcycle world look bad. Also, I could do this with my sister's CRF150f. If you want to show off, do a wheelie or something (which isn't very hard either).

What makes the motorcycle world look bad is some yahoo trying to clear a 100 foot gap in the sand dunes and landing on $50,000 of dirt toys and a few people. A little burn out by your driveway isn't going to make people's lives end or wreck other people's rides.

I do live in Southern California, off the I-10, Beaumont closed, the shovel, windy point closed (Palm springs), most of Jawbone is now closed, Dove springs, Gorman all closed, most of Pismo, closed, lots of Glamis closed, Deap canyon, all kinds of places closed and has nothing to do with someone smoking their tire or riding a wheelie.......nothing. If you are talking about the reaction of people to dirt bike in general? Like I said, there are people that think anything that is dangerous to them should be stopped. I think it is way out to go off and "Yet another motorcyclist I would like to see hit by a mack truck and left to die." about someone enjoying their dirt bike. If it isn't cool to own up to bad gas, then I guess the whole fuel thing must be a joke.

Well said. If we could just get rid of all those retarded turtles and stuff then they would reoplen the places. But seriously, its a matter of politicians who don't sympathize with the people wanting to use the land or politicians working with big business that closes down the public lands. Maybe we should pay attention to who we vote for and what their agenda is.

On the contrary!!!! I take this highly personal and am extremely offended! I do not think people take the gravity of this omense outrage! I see it as a hate crime against the lowly dirt biker! We have rights!.........(oh, wait we don't, do we........) We Dirt Bike-Americans are the minority and treated as not important. It was the dirt biker that brought America back from the depths of pussydom that the Yuppies brough us to and now we are forgotten, threated as recklous destroyers of earth. We can just be talked trash about and discarded as road waist to be left to die. There are those among us that are not real dirt bike risers but, have infiltrated to defeat us, devide and conquer but, we need to Unite!!!! Throw out the uncircumcised infidels! As we wait for the sister ships to come and carry us to the mother ship that will carry us to the terraferma roosting, dirt rider paridise in the solar system of Roost'n.

Amen. I'm converting to mormanism myself. Going to get me a planet to populate when I die.


I pumped up his gas. Lets see who the stiffs are in this place. We should make a graph of who how many complainers ride 650L's versus 650R's and see if there is any correlation. :eek:

The whole hit by a truck thing is an over exaggeration, nobody is serious about that happening.

Don't worry, he already got hit by a van a couple years ago. He's just trying to balance the karma now. Serious!

Hmmm....well this got heated ehh?....lol

anyways i did the same this on my 650r when the tire was almost done and boy she was smoking great ...destroying the environment and pissin all the neighbors off......i loved it ....then of course some guy comes running across his front lawn with a running weed eating and gives her a full shot of throttle as he brushed it across my helmet.....it was actually quite scary!!! Then in my brilliant escape the tire was so hot i almost lost her just accelerating in a straight line away from the guy.

well it made me think thats for sure....next time ill have to smoke her in many different spots through out the neighbourhood so i dont have a huge cloud of smoke impairing my vision of crazy people ( well actually probably normal justified people). lol its great i love it ....by the way ??

Krannie ....do you have a weed-eater:naughty:

I bet you wish you had that on video! You could have threatened to file assault charges then let the guy off easy with 1 lawn job a week as a settlement.

So its ok to wheelie, just not burn out...

Of course it is. When you wheelie, you aren't leaving ugly tire marks that piss the neighbors off. Also, it doesn't roast your back tire or piss of the neighbors across the street quite as bad because they don't have to listen to your engine maxed out right in front of their house for 30 seconds (unless you actually wheelie over and over in a suburban neighborhood, which is pointless, stupid, and dangerous for little kids all at the same time).

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