How many of you have plates on your WR?

Plated my 2006 1 month after I bought it new. About $250 total for a street legal kit and an inspection.

06 plated in Saskatchewan.

06 plated in Saskatchewan.

Bless you...........oh I thought you sneezed...........sorry, could not pass that one up........

Does anyone know how to plate the WR in California..........??

Buy something that is already plated! I will be picking up my New-to-Me 98 YZF400 with CA license plate this week.

which year? Has it ever been plated before... if not; Good Luck... go to some small DMV in the sticks, and try it there...

Any one who wants info on how to plate a wr in california pm your phone number and i will call you and talk you through it!

yep. me too

I had mine plated right away once I bought it in May 2006, no problem at all here in Labrador, I love it.

plated here in michigan

SM wheels will be here thursday too!!!

i have one in surrey

Yep! Plated and legal here in NJ!:thumbsup:

Plated right afer I got it in 03. My 99 WR 400 was plated before that.:thumbsup:


Plated here in PA. Easiest way to get one plated in PA is to buy one from OH, or MD so it comes with motorcycle title. Slap some turn signals on and take it to a lick it and stick it inspection station.

Plated in Utah...

I have one in Tsawwassen. Dealer plated it for me, no sweat.

Plated WR426 here in Ohio!

2006 WR450 plated in New Brunswick

Plated in Utah...

Relatively easy in Utah - horn, mirror, brake light.

'06 WR450 - doing the mods right now. Plated my DRZ400E before. I took it to a stealership and they wouldn't pass it because I needed a hi-low beam headlight. So I was all ready to do the conversion when they called back and said that there was a new law that didn't need that! What is up with that? And even from a stealership!

I just installed the horn, mirror, and vapor last night. Will work on the hydraulic brake switch on Saturday.


Plated 2001 in California :thumbsup:

Got an '02 WR426 here in Northern Ontario... Waiting on the snow to leave:mad: !!!


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