Great Bike !!

Bought a new 07 WR 450 last Wed the 27th, What a great bike, i've been riding an 02 KTM 520MXC and have had a blast with that bike but finally had a great day on the Oregon coast Sunday and got to turn this new bike out and see what it can do ! Did the free mods except the jetting so far and this thing still rips for me. Great bike glad I made the choice and happy this site is here for the answers to my questions, thanks !

cool deal! welcome to the blue side... hope you have fun on it!

Welcome! I'm sending this to my KTM buddies right now...

And you're in the right spot for advice. I've heard KTM talk is pretty solid for info, you'll be well taken care of here.

I'll keep my eye out for you, they're not too many unscratched and shiney WR's in Jordan Creek, D-Mill, or the trask right now, LOL. Won't be too shiney for long...

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