RESOLVED: New WR450 and screwed by dealer, I think.


Well, had a little tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, and thought I might go check out the TTR-230. I had been playing around on my dad's TTR-125L and its a lot of fun, but I need a bigger bike (as I am taller than my dad). Well, I looked at the TTR-230 and the WR250 side by side and decided that the extra money was well worth it... Coyote Motorsports in Denver let me test ride the 250, then the 450. I really *really* didn't need a 450, but bought one anyhow. Thank goodness its de-tuned from the factory :smirk:

So, here's where the screwing starts. I was focused on a monthly payment. I had to get it under $100/mo.. I wasn't paying attention to all the bullcrap they tack on to a new bike. I have never bought a new bike before, and I think they flogged me pretty good.

Here is why my receipt says...

Sale Price as Equipped: 6699

Freight: 455

Set-Up: 425

Sub Total: 7579

Accessories: 497.85

--- TLD helmet, bark busters, goggles (ok I know I messed up buying them there, let this one go)

Total Sales Price 8076.85

Lien Fee: 18

Pre-Paid Maintenance: $961

(includes the first *6* services ... very few of which I could handle by myself, my bad, I should have bought beer and begged here or ADV)

Extended Service Agreement: $640

... I do not intend on using this bike for "competition" and the warranty is 30 days, I know I wasted a buttload of money here too, but now its covered for 3 years

Accessories Sales Tax: $24.15

Machine Sales Tax: $377.26

... unincorporated Adams County

Delivery and Handling: $199

*** Whisky Tango Foxtrot!? They didn't even fill the gas tank, I brought it home in my own truck. How the #*@#(&^(@*#&^(*@#^?

Total: 10296.76

I put $300 down... financed ~$10k... Yamaha promotional financing, $89/mo


Ouch... did they throw in Astroglide for free. If it helps at all, the WR 450 is a great bike to get back doored on. enjoy, Jeff S

You got shafted man! $6500 out the door is average in ohio and it has gas and oil?

I figured as much, I should have shopped around for OTD prices. It did come with OIL and SOME gas.. as in, I test rode it, then when I got it home it made it around the block once before it had to be switched to reserved.. maybe a cup?

Since I obviously pre-paid for my first 6 services (whats that about a year?), I can't just not go to that dealership, do you think I would have any recourse if I talked to the sales people or finance people or should I just shut up and chalk it up as lessons learned.


OMG! Flogged is putting it lightly. They stuck a barrel catus in dry and broke it off in ya.

Most of the time you can get them to drop the delivery, set up, and frieght charges right off the top. I'm thinking the helmet should be thrown in too.

The maintenance and service contracts are a scam, you should be able to change the oil and lube/adjust the chain yourself.

The good news is this will help your credit history and you have a sweet bike.

I dont know the situation but I'm thinking dad shoulda been there?

I can change the oil and lube the chain, its the valve adjustment type stuff I am scared of. I read these forums and you guys are talking about taking carbs off and adjusting needle valves and what not... I am a computer guy, not a bike guy, I just ride for fun :smirk: I seriously doubt I can get them to remove anything after I signed, but I don't see the harm in trying...

ouch! cactus. dry. I think on that note I will go to sleep and TRY not to have bad dreams :)


Does Colorado have a 72 hour cooling off period for vehicle purchases? If so, then take it back and tell them to pound sand. If they don't come down on the price, screw the whole deal and walk. If you don't have a cooling off period in your state, then if you ever go to prison, you won't mind so much :smirk:...SC

They got you for all that they could get ya for but that bike is a badass bike and you had better ride it. As you read through all of the threads on this forum you will notice a boat-load of modifications that individuals have done to power up their bike. But since you got the extended service through it and be sure that you do not void it with modifications etc. because that is where you may be able to get back a chunk of your moneys. Make that dealer service your bike for the first 6 times for sure and if they install anything aftermarket make sure that they sign a written explanation of work done etc on every last thing that they do and be sure it fits the contract. For example, if they recommend a cool set of tires for you and you decide to have them installed, make sure that those tires fit the contract so that the service agreement is not voided. You should leave the bike OEM for at least a solid year and ride the living piss out of it. This way you can break anything that is covered and have it fixed according to your service agreement. Folks say that they (service agreements) are BS becasue there are all kinds of catches to void them. So read it and make sure that you understand everything you need to do in order to take full advantage of it and make them (that dealer) give you what you are due. I have read that water pump seals are leaking on these bikes after break in...why I don't know but that should be covered. If you see coolant from the water pump weep hole...take it to the shop. If you see a fork seal leaking..take it to the shop..etc.etc. Man this post could go on so to make a long story the fine print and ride it like you stole it.

You got hosed Tommy. You got shafted $2225. You should have a grace period to renege the service contract and get a full refund if you have not passed the amount of time in the contract. I would void it now, if it were me. And the payment to Yamaha is a credit card(revolving account). If you pay the minimum payment you will never get anything on the principle and you will eventually have to make big payments once the promotional period is over. I bought mine with the card on the same deal but paid it off after a couple months so I didn't get hit that bad. I would at least try to see if a local credit union would consider financing it as new but they will probably say it is used and will not finance near what you owe on it. You also paid for setup twice with the delivery and handling fee. That $425 setup fee is ridiculous, they come assembled in the crate except for the handlebars and front wheel. The freight is never waiverable at the places around here. I hope you work this out Bud. These guys smell blood and milk green buyers like no tomorrow. I know, I used to work for a Yammie shop.

There is a ton of knowledge on here for the most novice of riders. You will be able to service that bike with your eyes closed after the first couple of times. Read, read, and read. It will empower you immensely.

Congrats :smirk: you are an owner! You cannot take the bike back but you can cancel some of those add on's.

If it makes you feel any better people have been getting (*&^^%$ from the start...Be lucky your on a great machine with lot's of fans and a great reputation. Learn from this and whatever you do read all the numbers when you buy a house or new car or anything else for the matter. It could have been worse. Not by much though.

You may be able to talk to the OWNER/or SALES manager about your experiance...Let them know your a consumer (probably new/inexperianced/young) and you have a lot of friends who ride or plan to ride. (it helps to explain that while this is your first retail experiance that you will have a lot more in the future. IE. Street Bikes/more dirt bikes/jet skis/snowmobiles/cars/houses) Let them know that in order to obtain your future purchases and your friends business they should make some provisions. I have had a lot of luck staying calm and explaining my experiance with the sale. Keep your head cool and don't ask for the moon but try to have them explain some of the added costs...Be sure to let them know your aware the lights need to stay on however, your not interested in paying for a quarter of tuition for the salesmans kid. Anyone who looks at the deal will say they took advantage of you however, a contract is a contract. To the same though the dealership should be trying to earn your business both now and future.

Good Luck and for gods sake take care of that bike...You have Renters Insurance? Make sure you protect your purchase.

Does Colorado have a 72 hour cooling off period for vehicle purchases? If so, then take it back and tell them to pound sand. If they don't come down on the price, screw the whole deal and walk. If you don't have a cooling off period in your state, then if you ever go to prison, you won't mind so much :smirk:...SC

Oh yeah...this is true..I thought that the 72 hour contract bust (cool off) period was an Alabama only thing. Clark may be more knowledgeable here and if he's heard of it then it may be a federal standard. If they (daler) give you flack go straight to a legal advisor (any lawyer) and let them give you the skinny. You may even call a lawyer ASAP and inquire. If you think that you got taken you better be on it first thing because 72 hours goes fast when you deal with BS from dealers. Take someone with you to the dealer if you decide to go so you have a witness. I know folks who have tried this in the past with auto dealers and been beat around the bush for the 72 hours because they didn't know their azz from a hole in the ground. Then they were stuck...Good luck.

I just noticed in your garage you say it's an 07? That makes it even worse. Take clark's advice and tell them to stick it

Tommy can ya hear me?

ooooouuuchhhh:censored: :ride: that has to there any way you can get out of that deal. have you never dealt with a salesman before. get your father to go in there and find out what the :smirk: going on . as that is just wrong:thumbsup: :)

i cannot believe some of the crap stealers these days charge you for.

Freight: 455

Set-Up: 425

Delivery and Handling: $199

*** Whisky Tango Foxtrot!? They didn't even fill the gas tank' date=' I brought it home in my own truck. How the #*@#(&^(@*#&^(*@#^?[/quote']

Looks like redundancy right here.

I don't know if I could sleep at night knowing my bike helped a salesperson meet his monthly margin quota in one transaction.

OMG!! did they take your dog too?? lol i paid 5800 for my 07 in 07 and i live in california. OUCH buddy.

i just purchased an 03 wr450 w/ the paperwork from 03 and they had the same stuff on there when the guy bought it. 6299 + tax, lic , (doc fee $695) and it came to $7750 in 03!!!! you got a great bike i am sure. go ride it and you will use this lesson to your advantage when you buy your car/house. you will never let them do this to you again, and in the whole scheme of things its a couple $2-3-4k not 20-30-40kon the car or 100-200k on a home. i guess they call it an entrance fee. have fun!!!

I bought my '07 in '07 in Colorado for $6399 out the door with a Colorado OHV sticker and most of the free mods done. (Throttle Stop, Exhaust Insert Removed, Gray Wire, etc.)

If you decide to keep the bike you bought, make sure that you're prepared for the payments on $10,000 once the introductory $89/Month rate expires!!!

I would try to get out of this deal. You're going to be so "upside down" on the loan on this bike that you'll never be able to sell or trade it if you do decide that you can't afford the payments. :thumbsup:


Freight: 455

Set-Up: 425

Did they fly it in special?

IDK where they got those numbers from, but freight on bikes isn't near that high.

As for setup, for that price, did they at least adjust the sag for you?

I agree with clark, I'd be rushing back inside of the 72 hours claiming "cold feet".

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