Passenger footpegs

I know that it's not considred a good idea by everybody but for those of you who already installed passenger footpegs on their WR, how did you proceed?

Is there any stock footpegs from any other bike (XT, XL, ...) that could fit directly or with a minimum of modifications? I don't want to drill anything into the frame bcause I'm afraid to weaken it...



Go to your local dealer and ask to see the Motovan catalogue. On page 575 there are some cheap ($37.00 pr.), clamp-on footpegs that you could probably easily attach to the sub-frame for occasional use. Motovan is a PQ - based company, so it should be easy to find a dealer that has an account with them.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Thank you for your quick and precise answer Pete :)


No problem brother. I can usually help out if you have any after-market parts questions. Too many dealers have sh**ty parts departments that act as if you're bothering them when you have a question that's a little unusual. Additionally, if you need any info on Polaris products, Yamaha ATV, PWC, PP,O/B or Kawasaki M/C, ATV,PWC or PP, let me know, I'll help out if I can.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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