super moto, help please

hey guys, i keep seeing all these really cool looking fast dirt bikes with the street tires and all, if this is what they are riding fast on why not get a crotch rocket, i mean, i think i'm missing something huge here cause it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. doesn't the huge suspension and bad aerodynamics slow you down? i dunno they look cool they really do, and have to be faster than my stock xrl but i just don't get it, help me out guys!

Yes, you are missing the point.

225lb, 55 hp, sharp turning bikes are way more fun under 60mph than anything else on two wheels. Regular riders shorten the suspension, push the motor tuning to 70hp, and blow away sport bikes in the corners. Whens the last time you saw a sportbike drifting?

Most mainstream sport bikes are bloated and heavy feeling compared to a supermoto.

Tell me this doesn't look fun


so it's for much twistier types of tracks? i mean to be faster than a sport bike? and heck yea that looks like fun but i'd be the guy sliding into the wall. also is it kinda like flat track racing? or whatever that used to be with the bikes on the dirt tracks drifting?

Tell me this doesn't look fun.

I'm sorry sir, I simply can't tell you it doesn't look fun.

eye, do a youtube search for 'supermoto' and/or 'supermotard' and you'll get an eyeful. I built mine as a city bike- crappy pavement, top speeds under 80mph, relatively short rides.... It's perfect. The suspension soaks up all manner of garbage, the tall position helps me see and be seen, and the fact that it's 45hp and ~450 pounds with the rider allows me to squirt through smaller traffic opportunities than any car could. My XR650R motard will cut 5-10 minutes off a 35 minute commute.

i have a fzr600 a gpz1100 and a xr650l and by far the bike that gets the most use is the XR it's the most fun up to the speed limit. i have passed sport bikes on the twistes they always catch up on the straights but i'm still in front. in a straight line sport bikes are fun, but whats at the end of every straight? A TURN. ride one you'll get it

I know this vid is probably going to get flamed on, but it still looks like fun...

I know this vid is probably going to get flamed on, but it still looks like fun...

Yep, you're toast now. I post a simple little vid of a burnout and now it's the next topic of political debate. :thumbsup:

I'm sure after your vid the feds will be coming for all of our bikes tomorrow. Lock'em up fellas.:eek:

I know this vid is probably going to get flamed on, but it still looks like fun...

That was cool...sick even.:thumbsup:

My roommate has a DRZ400SM and there isn't a single sport bike rider around the area that can beat him in the twisties.

Tell me this doesn't look fun

I will tell you that it does not look like fun at all.

But I would be a liar!

I want one.

the great thing about SuMo is that you don't have to go fast to have fun. i wish i would have gotten on sooner instead of a street bike

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