XR650R cam upgrade: still autodecompression?

Will a cam upgrade allow my to keep the auto-decompression?

Searching did not yield and answer.

Hot cams still have the auto decompress.

Hot cams still have the auto decompress.

Thank you

HRC Cam is the only upgrade i know of that retains the Auto Decompress. Hot cam does not use the factory auto decompress. The manual decompress stays regardless of cam.

I agree, only the HRC cam can hold the automatic decompressor.

I stand corrected sorry. I thought the hot cam had it.

If you want to keep the Decompression Mechanism I highly suggest having your stock cam hardfaced and custom ground and rockers hardfaced. There are 2 companies here in California that I know of: Web Cam Performance Cams (http://webcamshafts.com) and Megacycle Cams (http://www.megacyclecams.com).

You have to send your stock cam/rockers to them and/or they will either send you a cam/rockers that has already been redone, if according to the grind you want, or hard face and custom grind YOUR cam and then send it back to you. Either way you will retain the Decompression Mechanism.:thumbsup:

I had mine done at Web Cam since they are in the same town that I live in and I didn't have to bother with any shipping. It's still in the box waiting to be put in my other pig. $168 for the cam and $65 per each rocker. Not bad at all.

You don't need it. I removed mine off my stock cam because it wasn't working properly. You pretty much have to use the manual one it start it.

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