Should I target a XR650L or XR600R??? Need input

I have to sound off on this subject, as an owner of a ZZR1200 street bike, a 650R, a 650L and a YZ450. Every bike has it's purpose, and you wouldn't take the ZZR on a motocross track.

I find myself climbing aboard the 650L more often than any of the others... it is more comfortable, more versatile, and quite simply has more grin factors than all the others. The ZZR flies up to 160 mph. The YZ450 can sail quite nicely up to 60-70 foot jumps (my personal max). The 650R can rip your arms off on dirt roads or desert trails.

The 650L doesn't do ANY of those things as fantastically, but it does everything well, which makes it the perfect choice for a one-in-all commuter, trail bike, mountain climber, tourer, and forest thumper.

Given enough modifications and enough rider skill, the 650L can hang with just about any bike in any situation, dirt or trail or street... it is bulletproof, comfortable, reliable, road-worthy, trail-worthy, gets great MPG (very important these days), has a HUGE following and a massive aftermarket base.

If you can only buy one bike that has to do everything for you, the 650L is it.


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