XR600 or a KTM 525?????

I own a 96 XR600 with a Yosh. exhaust and it runs well but I have a chance to buy a 2003 KTM MXC 525 for 3000 dollars, green stickered.

Am happy with the xr but KTM's are awesome bikes!

any thoughts or suggestions?


The KTM's are awesome bikes. My advice, keep the XR so you have something to ride when the KTM is broke.

If you've ridden it and liked it better than the 600, and its not a roach coach, then why not? Those RFS KTM's are great bikes.

I think thats a decent price on the 525, but I'd have to search around to be sure.

If top speed cruising is important you may want to do some homework. The 525 MXC has a close ratio 6 speed in contast to the EXC gearbox. I beleive the XR600 5 speed 5th gear may be taller than the 6 gear in the MXC. Food for thought. Good luck.

...that's a gud price IF it's been properly maintaned, not wore out and ready for a rebuild...

...the 525's needs oil changes at least every 500 miles (some will say every 200 miles) and if u use the reccomended oil/filters it'll cost around $50 a change and 30 minutes to complete(with practice)...frequent valve adjustments too...KTM's are high maintence BUT make gud power with high build quality and quality components.

...my riding bud has the SM version and it feels heavier than both the XXR and XXL...probably more uncomfortable on the slab too.

like reccomended before keep the XR and once their both sorted out u can decide which is a keeper if not both...worse case clean it up a sell it for wut u payed or maybe make a few bucks... selling price new was around $10K i believe.


I gotta agree about keeping the Honda. The KTM is a great bike, and so is the red one. I own both, I will never sell the honda because the wife likes to ride with me every once and a while I fold down the pegs and take a trail or two with her on the back...It can handle! My KTM is really my fav, but not so good with rider on back. If you don't need to sell the honda keep it!


.... selling price new was around $10K i believe.


Can anyone verify this?? I find it incredibly hard to believe that an '03 525 MXC went for $10k new....$6500-7200 maybe....

Can anyone verify this?? I find it incredibly hard to believe that an '03 525 MXC went for $10k new....$6500-7200 maybe....

The dude's whole post was nothing but misinformation.

No, they weren't, and still are not, $10,000.

I've had most of the XR's (XR500R, two XR600R's, an XR650R, and an XR400R, have a '92 XR600 now), and a 520 MXC. They're both great, and if you have a chance to pick up a good MXC at a fair price (and that's fair if it's in good shape) I'd do it.

My MXC was plated, but it wasn't much fun for more than connecting trails. Completely excellent in just about every dirt situation though.... I love the close ratio box, but my good riding buddy has a new 525 EXC and I like the WR box even more.

Keep clean oil in the MXC and it'll last forever. Add some capacity with an HT cooler... very versatile bike. My buddy took his 525 on a Baja trip last week, and it did fine. My KLR is a pig, but it holds a lot of gas and gear. His bike was 3x the fun to ride, but didn't hold much gear and he was looking for gas before any of us. (2 TE610's w/ 5 gal IMS, and a 640 Adv w/ 7 gallon Rallye tank were along)

Can anyone verify this?? I find it incredibly hard to believe that an '03 525 MXC went for $10k new....$6500-7200 maybe....

doh! 2004 Base MSRP $7,448(before "set-up & freight")... i'll shut-up :thumbsup:

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