Riding in Mexico?

Has anyone ridden much in Mexico? Now that red sticker season is upon us, my buddies and I discussed riding south of the border. Has anyone done this, and can you offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Plan your itinerary in advance and stick to it. Tell someone exactly where you're going. I think many cell phones work throughout northern baja. Try to go with someone who knows the area well. If you're going to need to gas up, be prepared to have a hard time finding it unless the town is fairly good sized. Ride at no mire than 70-80% of your ability- you don't want to go down hard down there. Watch out for ranch trucks on windy mountain roads. Try the area around Tecate- supposed to be great tight riding- not typical baja. Have fun- its a great place and the people are generally wonderful.

Good advice from "CAB". Can I add a few things?

Some US cell phones are compatible with the Mex. cell sites, ask your provider. And unless you're very close to good sized towns your phone probably won't work because there just aren't many cell sites.

Also be really careful about whos land you're riding on, especially around the Tecate area. That area has become such a popular area to ride that 20 year old trails are now getting ridden a lot and whooped out. With the growing number of people riding the trails around there some ranchers are starting to get upset and some spots are becoming off-limits.

Don't get in too deep exploring or you may find some crops or makeshift airstrips.

Always close any gate you go thru. Never cut a fence or a gate.

Don't tear around near any ranches, and especially don't go off the 2-tracker near ranches.

With it becomming summertime you should head towards the Pacific and ride down the coastline. The temps are cool, the riding can be fun, and the routes are easy to find/figure out.

You should carry some extra give-away type things with you, especially if you're out exploring and wandering around. I carry leather work gloves, tools like dykes or Leatherman things, and now and then some smut mags. Always be cool and stop to talk to ranchers, they appreciate it, even if you don't speak Spanish and just use hand signals and drawings in the dirt. Then when you whip out a pair of gloves or a mag for them they are your new buddy.

Ride very safe and within your skill!


Thanks for the advice! :)

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