2003 450 or 2007 250? Need Advice

I am about to puchase a bike. I have been bikeless for four years due to a new addition to my family. That new addition is now riding his 50 well enough for me to ride along with him! The last bike I owned was a 01 KTM 300 EXC and prior to that I had a 98 YZ400F. I am 6 ft tall, 205 lbs. The 400 seemed really heavy to me, compared to the 300, however I really enjoyed the four stroke power and lugging ability. I anticipate racing a couple of hare scrambles this year, play riding in the woods, fields, and dried out creek beds around my house with my son, and maybe one trip to Colorado to ride in mountains and one trip to Missouri to ride trails in the Ozarks.

I have found a 2003 YZ450f in great condition for $1900. The bike seems to be well maintained and not ridden often. I have also located a 2007 WR250f, like new, for $3950.

For what I plan to do with my bike, is the newer yet smaller motor WR worth $2,000 more?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Either you found a 2003, or you found a YZ400, but not both. The YZ400 was last made in 1999, and was superseded by the 426 in '00. The 426 was replaced by the YZ450 in '03, and while you could use an '03 450 to ride along with your son, the bike will not be content with plunking along at the speed he's most likely comfortable with, and you probably won't have much fun trying to make it conform to that, even though you may very much enjoy the beast otherwise.

For what you have planned, depending on how you like to ride, and how much time you want to spend tooling around with Junior, the WR250 will be a much better choice. A side benefit is that your wife may even enjoy the bike, forcing you to get a later 450 for yourself.

Sorry, the 2003 is a 450. I mistyped that. I will edit my post. Thanks.

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