wr sprokets

just wondering if any body has changed out there sprokets what were the results good or bad

I dropped a tooth on the front and added one in the back to get the gearing I needed for the trails here in Oregon. Steep, narrow, slow speed technical trails. Rocks, tree limbs, water crossings, etc... If I was riding open desert I'd stick with the taller stock gears.

I mostly ride the tight technical stuff, most hill climbes I only get down to

2nd then start feathering the clutch, because 1st seems to be to low and just wants to loop me out.

I recently went from the stock 13/50 to a 14/51 combo. I ride single track,some fast and some extremely technical. First was to low virtually useless. 14/51 seems to even things up a little.

08 WR 450

I run a 13/50 in tight stuff and 15/50 for on road and desert.

I got a 15 today, going to try it this weekend

I haven't done it to mine yet but on my 05, first it too low for anything and 2nd is too high it tight stuff. I'm going to go up to a 52 rear and try to lower 2nd a little. I'm going to put a YZ ex cam in it too. If nothing else, I might get a little wheel spin in 2nd so if it won't lug down that low, it will spin the tire and won't have to. I miss 2strokes.

I went up to a 15 up front and down to a 48 on the rear, mostly for on the road driving to keep the RPM's down a bit lower so i can cruise at 100km/h all day without the engine screaming. I can still drive it fairly slow in tight stuff but it's noticibly harder then stock gearing for the slow stuff, all depends on where you drive i guess to find what's best for you.

I was going to go down a tooth in the back, but I dont think it would be that noticable I'll be running 15/50 I think it's going to work good

I dropped a tooth on the front to a 12, it has made a world of difference for me. I ride mostly tight stuff rutted tree lined trails.

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