Better (faster) steering

I'm on an improvement drive with the old battlebus WR450 '05.

Currently getting the suspension re-valved, bars raised and gonna plump for lower pegs. Then possibly higher bean bars, all of which should help.

But I want to improve the speed and accuracy of turning.

I have alrady dropped the forks in the standard clamps as far as I dare, other wise it gets a bit scary at high speed. Rear end is set nicely. I dont have a steering damper.

I'm running Bridgestone 401/402's at 15psi.


Will the Applied racing or other funky triple clamps make the bike turn faster / more accuartely or is it just bling? I have my doubts.

I looked at ever triple clamp I could find on the internet and I can't find one for the 05 that has a offset. One place has one for $500 that says it fits an 06+ and one for the 03/04 but none for the 05.

I have a set of applied 22 mm tripples for a yz on my 07 wr and it turns much sharper then it used to so much that I have to move the voltage regulator because the fork would hit it. It required a few mods to make them fit

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