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First weekend with new bike!

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I usually ride with a bunch of guys and we like to go away for entire weekends, doing some gravelroading, living as campers, sleeping in an old army tent, drinking beer and Jack D by the campfire.

Last year I had an XR600, great bike for gravelroads and lighter enduro (paths etc) but this year I will try to hurt myself :D on a WR426 -01 and this weekend was the first with the gang this season.

Left the job early, went to the garage and put on my new 15 tooth countershaft sprocket and rode the 5 k´s to my friends garage to load the bikes up. Had no licenseplate (broken in half, no brake or rearlights (earthed wrong) no front lights (covered up to save it from roost), met three copcars on the way, noone seemed to notice (like I would stop!!!). Arrived safely and we loaded up on his awsome Land Rover Defender 130 Crew cabbed pick up and left town at a deasent hour. Four hours and one pizza later we arrived at the designated campsite - wich isn´t a campsite but a bathing site by a lake (to early in the season for bathing though :D ). Extremely beatiuful and pitoresque, a smooth lawn, a barbecueplace, some benches and an outhouse - what more does a man need :D ). Just as we finished offloading, the other car arrived (a not so cool Saab 900 with a trailer) and a little later the final particpant arrived on his DR650. We were seven guys wiht a mission: To ride the area and leave no gravel untouched :D .

Leaving camp at around 09.00 after a hearty breakfast. Starting with a road that starts and ends at the same place, very twisting and a lots of up and down - a good warm-up. Our mapreader did an excellent job of finding fun roads. In this area there are numerous small gravelroads that twists and turns through the forrests and the landscape is quite hilly wich makes the riding more exciting and fun. From paved road to big gravelroad to small gravelroad to tractor road to overgrown tractor road to path to what once was a path, seeing some beautiful scenery (passing the top of a stone hill, overlooking a small lake in the middle of the forrest- awsome). Doing a way cool crossing of a stream following a hiking tra... eh, I mean a path, in the rocky forrested terrain, out on some gravelroad again. Making sure to pull wide powerslides in every turn, popping wheelies at every oppurtunity, trying to make the guy in front of you making a misstake and all this in the most beautiful springday ever. Clearblue sky, nice and warm(after some cold and boring weather).

Lunch was a brief affair in a place called "Gamleby" (Oldone Village), a nice and pitoreque old village, then the fun continued. There were an endless supply of superfun roads and we rode a lot of them, enjoying every meter of each one.

Finally, late in the afternoon, someone "begged for mercy" and wanted to return to the camp - everyone chimed in (not wanting to be first to confess being drained).

On our returndrive, five hundred meters from camp, a guy in front of me suddenly pulled the clutch, started to release it and the rearwheel locked up and he pulled the clutch again and rolled to a standstill. We stopped and asked what had happened, he told us that something had seized in the engine, it was totally blocked. We gave him a push back to camp, looked the engine over but there was nothing to see, somthing internal had malfunctioned and guesses were that the camchain had snapped.

Well, the beer and the booze started flowing, snacks were munched and cooking dinner started.

After dinner more beers and some serious malebonding by the campfire started, i.e bragging and lying about the days events. The usual talks about aftermarket gadgets like sprockets, chains, suspension parts, handlebars, radiator guards etc, etc took place. Around nine thirty it started to get chilly so we lighted up the stove in the tent and continued the endless discussions there. An hour later everyone hit the deck. We are not teenagers anymore :) and a whole day in the saddle, alcohol, food and more alcohol takes its toll. We all slept like babies before 23.00 hours :D .

Next morning there were a lot of sore muscles and stiff joints too get warmed up before one could move like a human again. We packed camp, loaded up the bikes and went back home to wifes and kids - ready to tackle the everyday life again, strengthened to body and soul (eh, well soul anyway :D ).

The damage to the ailing bike (made in Austria I might add) is a ceased crankshaft bearing. Taken care of by the dealer on warranty. The bike is brand new, only some 1750 miles on it (2800 k´s). We are all glad things worked out ok and that it happened so close to camp and not somewhere out in the boonies.

See ya,


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