YZ 426 oil change

After years of riding and owning nothing but 2 strokes. I went out and bought a 4 stroke. How many filters are in this bike (my brothers KTM has 2 or 3), where are they? Is there any where on-line to get a service manual cheap. How much oil does it take?

hey mike... there is only 1 filter under the 3 bolt cover on the rh side of the engine undee the bend of the head pipe. there is a screen in the oil tank, but that is it. there is a link in the common threads sticky at the top of this fourm to all the mods and an online manual. my 400 says like 1.7 q , but i have never gotten that much in it. I think that is like bone dry after dis assembly. there are 2 drain plugs one in the oil tank in the frame, right behind the front tire and one in the engine. check the oil with the dipstick not threaded in and after initial start up. don't let it idle too long as it will heat up fast, the no air flow does it.

have fun and welcome to TT


To be cheaper, the manual would have to download itself, and then send you a check:


If you want to have a look at the feed line screen (screws into the frame down tube at the bottom) once, because it's new to you, then go ahead. If the bike's in good shape and hasn't had any major work done on it, I don't think it's truly worthwhile, but you can. Otherwise, the simplified OC procedure is:

> Run the engine 60-90 seconds

> Drain the frame

> Remove and replace or clean the oil filter

> Drain the crankcase

> Refill, run again, and check the level.

If this is the first Dry Sump system you've ever worked with, read:


Also, be sure to have look at this thread:


...and welcome to Thumper Talk. Enjoy your YZ.

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