Attn: Seattle Riders! Reiter Pit on Nov 9th.

We're gonna get a bunch of TTr's together on November 9th at the Reiter Pit riding area. It'll be great for everybody to get a chance to meet. Everybody I've met so far on TT have been real good people. I guess M/C riders are just my kind of people. I want to get a big picture of everybody while we are out there.

We want to meet around 10am at the third entrance to the riding area, this is about a mile up the road past the main parking area (dusty). Just drive up until you see my Green Dakota with the primer colored m/c trailer. You can PM me for details, or respond to this post if you plan on attending. Some of us might meet for breakfast at the Dutch Cup in Sultan beforehand.

We'll probably stop by the Pastime Tavern in Sultan on the way home for a BS session.

Count me in. I'll try to dredge up some extra riders

C'mon you guys! I know there is more than ONE Yamaha rider in the northwest that can make this ride. Im hearing talk of burgers and beer. Lets show those Suzuki riders a thing or two.......

Count me in! I may have a couple other wr/yz buddies that will probably join in on the fun. How are the conditions up at Rieters?, it's been a couple months since I've been up there. Now all I have to do is remember where I put my Bike :)

Bring wet weather gear, the forecast is looking a little "damp". :)

Bryce, expect rocks, mud, deep ruts, tight trails, creek crossings, more rocks and fast logging roads with water bars across to jump. Oh ya a really bichin view of the town of Index from the top of about a 500' tall cliff. Sound fun?

Here's a pic of everybody that showed up. Sorry to whoever was on the left side of the pic, cause I accidentally cut you out of the pic.


For those of you who missed it, we had a blast! Thanks to everybody who showed up and made it so much fun.

The guys from CFC showed up with all kinds of goodies, like shelter, heat, food, and even some great freebies! Thanx again guys.

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