Seeking advice on an '84 XR500R

Hello, I just bought a basket case bike, and was wanting to know if anyone had built one of these old thumpers and had some tips or tricks to share. I have already got a new wiseco piston/rings, supertrapp exhaust, and all new gaskets and oil seals. Since the head is already off, I wanted to port and polish it, but have never done this kind of job, so I'm hoping someone could drop some knowledge on me. Also, do these bikes have any problems I could address during assembly? Any input you guys have would help.

What part of Cali are you in?

I think I've got some parts you might be interested in from a bike I scavenged a front end off of.

I'll dig around in the garage.

This is the first year of RFVC head and dual carb (if i recall). If you have problems with starting when hot,check the float level.They are real picky.Other than that they are just like the 600r motor.

Please don't over Polish the ports you'll be happy with a rough 80 grit, debured and gasket matched,type of job.

There's a theiry that the rougher surface helps to adomise the fuel .

Good luck.

And dont let a salesman tell you You need parts ,most of them will work for longer than you or I will care.

Thanks for the advice, guys.

I ported the head today, and I just need to go get a fine polishing stone or flapwheel for the exhaust side. I took your advice, Resurrection, and went mild on the intake side and left a fairly rough surface.

Sploogemonkey, I live in Paradise, about an hour north of Sacramento. I might be interested in what you find in the garage. I know for sure that I need the left side plastic that goes over the airbox, the taillight, and the innards for the headlight. All I have of the headlight is the plastic number plate and some hacked up wiring. Let me know what you find. Thanks.

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