YZ450F gas milage question

I am going to be running the 08 Baja 500 (1st time) and wondering what kind of milage other folks with YZ450Fs (or WR450Fs) are getting? I am not trying to push it to the limit - just trying to get an idea of how much fuel I need to order. Gonna use Mag 7 or Baja Pits so I am 99% sure I can make it from pit to pit (50 - 55 miles apart) with a 3 gal IMS tank. Don't want to have 3 gals at each pit if I am only going to use 2 gals though - that is like $65 of gas not used - know I won't ever see those gals again after the race.

I did a 60 mile loop last month with my 07 YZ450 and still had over a gallon left in my 3 gallon IMS tank. Now granted, I wasn't racing and I am running 15/48 gearing. Hope this helps a little.

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