2002 YZF 426 vrs a 2008 YZF 450

It been a while since my brother rode or raced, his last bike was a 2002 YZF 425, he looking at a 2008 YZF 450

If you have ownd or rode both, what are the difference, good or bad?

You can say a lot of good words about 426 but compearing it to 2008 450 is useless. 08 450 is better then 426 everywhere.

i've got a 426 and a 07 450 , 07 is sweet, great suspension ,light, motor seems mild but is fast and deceiving, 426 is a monster , expolosive uncontrollable power, not necesarally a bad thing, makes for a fun ride but also heavy and bulky.

I had a 99 400, not the same as a 426, but close, and now I have a 08 450, It´s day and nigth diference

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