Bike on Fire (literally)

I was riding through Chadwick (Missouri) yesterday and got flagged down by a guy who said his bike was on fire. I passed by his bike on my way to the campground to get him some help and there wasn't much left. I could tell by the pipe it used to be a two stroke but most everything else was a pile of molten goo. Made me think about the fact that mine isn't insured. I'll bet his wasn't either. I hope he's getting a good tax refund.

Hey Joel, Did you catch the guys name?

I hadnt actually heard about that yet so I wonder if it was some out-of-towner.

Bummer for him.

I was talking to Steve Elliot at the Cycle Broker this morning and he said the bike was an XR650 that belongs to a local Doctor. There was a guy riding with him. (on a YZ250 I think)

I apologize, but I forgot the guys name. Funny how small an XR650 looks when its been melted. The good news is, he did have it insured.

No doubt the insurance company will do a full scale investigation (sponsored in part by funding from the Sierra club) to determine wither or not the spark arrestor malfunctioned.

i saw a poor running 98 zy400 burn up because the guy put a 2 stoke air filter holder in it with no back fire screen. and what happened, it bakc fired and burned half the bike up.

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