XR left met stranded - wife had to pick me up

My 2005 XR650 has been getting more and more tempermental. Rejetted two years ago and has ran fine (not great but much better than stock) since. Replaced stock muffler with FMF, but with no other changes. Bike was getting snotty prior to new exhaust.


1 - backfires when going down hill breaking with engine - lots of small pops

2 - doesn't want to idle (bike has always had idling issues but not this bad)

3 - hard to start hot or cold (wife had to pick me up last weeked after kicking it over and over and over for 30 minutes) Buddy said it smelled like fuel when I was kicking it over

Beginning to think it is the valves based on other posts. Adjusted them about 200 miles ago.

Next step after valves is to get a pro to look at jetting (maybe it has never been right since I monkied with it)

NEVER thought that I'd get stranded by my XR :thumbsup:

XR650 what? L or R?

If the valves are in spec, then it's either the carb or ignition.

It is an R. He has to kick it.

Find out what jets you have and post it up with your elev and temp either here or the jets forum. Someone can help you.

sounds like a lean pilot circuit, with the popping back. I would go up one on the pilot - install a new plug and make sure the air fuel screw is set at 2 1/4 turns out - as a start...

If it smelled like fuel when it would not start - that is the most classic sign of a badly flooded engine. Hold throttle wide open and kick through with decompression lever in to clear th cylinder, if it is really badly flooded, it is also best to remove the plug during this process so that the cylinder can dry out and discharge all that fuel.

What color is the plug? white is lean (caused by jetting) and black is rich (caused by jetting and or poor ignition)

check your valves

Have to agree on the valve check first especially since its an R and that is less than 20 minutes from tank off to tank on.

Next as mentioned before post your current jetting, elev and temp.

Pic of the plug would also be helpful.

How far were the valves out of spec when you adjusted them last? I would check to make sure the carb is correctly located in the boots, intake and airbox.

WOW! i checked my valves once when i first got the pig in 04 and havent touched them since. never had any problems with jetting either until i fell and flodded it then i bought the eddie. i believe i had 175/68s jetting here in socal but i forgot where the clip was at.

adjust your valves then for sure!!!

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