mounting a battery on yz450f

Hey guys. Just got my lights for my '03 yz450f. Right now I just can't see spending $500 for the E-line stator. Has anybody ran off of a 12v in the airbox? What battery do I use (and dimendions)? How do I go about mounting it securly in the air box? Will anything from the wr work? I'm just itchin' to get this thing on the street. PLEASE HELP!!

I tried the 12V battery in the air box deal and only got about 15 min. of lights running a 35w 18 degree bulb up front and I think a 8 watt running/brake light. Don't bother with this if you need a lighted yz! The cheapest method is an 50w Electro sport stator (I believe). That is what I did and I'm happy with this economical stator. Unless your looking to just pass a motor vehicle inspection?

Some... to pass inspection, run a LED headlight. Pretty worthless to use (Watts/Output needs juice), but depending on your state laws, may be enough to make it legal. combined with a LED tail light, running off of a small RC car NiCad, is enough for a full day of riding.

Would the 12v be enough to run just the LED 12v tail light for at least a few hours? I'll only hook up the head light to pass inspection. But I'm just gonna run the tail light when riding (daytime riding only).

tnl. Hey man I looked up the electro sport 50w stator. That does look like the way to go. Does it bolt right up? Does it make enuf light to ride at night? Thanks for the help guys.

50 watts is enough to charge the battery, run a LED tail light and a 35 watt head light. Contact Electrosport or Baja Design, both companies can hook you up.

If I get the 50w stator from Electrosport will that be enough to run the lights bright enuf for night with out the battery. I have an LED tail light.

If I get the 50w stator from Electro sport will that be enough to run the lights bright enuf for night with out the battery. I have an LED tail light.

I run the 50w stator from Electro sport without a battery (since I don't have the button-aka starter) and it works good enough to get you back to the truck at night. I have a 35w headlight with a running/brake/license plate light on the rear and it works as good as my buddies 525 ktm at about 6 grand (head light). The stator is simple to install or connect. Plugs right into the stock connector. One yellow wire is power to headlight and the other is ground or rectifier (I believe)? Directions that come with it are easy to follow. The head light at idle is just about off because of no rpm but at half throttle in any gear it's sufficient for getting home but not recommended for any night time Baha riding. You get what you pay for! I'm happy with the set up for just $160 + -. Don't bother with the battery set up nicad or V! You also don't need any aftermarket shifters or case covers just bolt it right on. BTW, if you do buy the Electro Sport one make sure you check all the housing bolts on the backing plate and coils because mine were all stripped and not taped properly and were hand loose ready to come out. I had to re- tap the bolt holes and red lock tight every one. Poor assembly by them!

50 watts is certainly enough to charge the battery, BUT that's 50w AC voltage. You can't charge a battery with AC current. A rectifier is required, and the conversion to DC will cut the power output to about 35w DC, barely enough for the headlamp.

Some jurisdictions require a battery system that will run the lights in the event that the engine stalls at night in traffic. Some require only a tail light. It varies. You'll need to check on it.

Thanks man, the info was really helpful. I'm gonna order it tomorrow.

Along with what Gray said - for the states that might require a battery so the tail light is on even if the bike isn't running (like stalled on the side of the freeway at night) - some will allow no battery as long as you have a DOT approved reflector at the rear.

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