Attention ALL riders

My father-in-law is the director of marketing for Motorex Oils USA.

Motorex is now the official oil for KTM Sportsmotorcycles USA. The

Supercross team, with Grant Langston and the Off-road team with Shane

Watts and Mike Lafferty will be using this product for the 2003 season.

This oil will be in the gearbox of every KTM sold throughout the world.

This is a great product, in fact Larry Roeseler has been using it for

quite some time now and just won the expert class at the 24 hour at Glen


Anyhow, Motorex USA is now looking for support riders across United

States. That means you might be eligible to purchase Motorex product at

55% off retail. If any of you are interested in filling out an

application you can now do it on line. You might mention in the comments

box at the end, that you saw this on Thumper Talk. Here is the URL...

Click here!


Do it... you'll be glad you did.

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