07/08 WR450 Gas Tank fit a 08 YZ450?

Has anyone actually tried mounting a 07/08 WR450 gas tank on a 08 YZ450?

I put the gas tank and radiator shrouds from my 07wr450 on my 07yz250f. Bolted right up. So if you confirm that the 07yz250f tank is the same as the 08yz450f tank, then it's pretty safe to say it will fit. However you do have to use the wr radiator shrouds.

I'm too impatient with my slow dial up to check for you myself so

I'll let you check the part numbers, search for "yamaha online microfiche"

I would think it would fit . the Ims tank I put on my wr450 was for a Yz

At the time, i bought an ims tank for my 08 wr 450, made for the 07 yz 450, thats all they carried, i had to buy the yz shrouds, but it bolted right on.

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