radiator wanted

need left side for WR426 (2002 )

he repaired my buddys radiator and it came out cherry[$50].the radiator was mangled and came back like new.he even straightened all the bent fins and painted it.

Also try Fontana Radiator (search for "radiator" in older posts for address and phone). They are right down the street.


Go with Mylers. Smashed my left side to were it leaked. Mylers fixed it for under $100 including shipping took about 7 days. Do a search on Mylers radiators for address & phone. Invest in some radiator guards there worth it. Good Luck. Mike

did you try Mylers in Utah for fixing it? I'm finally sending them the left side rad off my '99 WR400 - taco'd it in Moab '00 - we'll see how they do. I'll have it as a spare. I've heard they are magicians. I bought a new rad from Apache Motorsports in AZ for ~$235.


Jim, you would be nuts not to drive down to Fontana. You can drop it off, go browsing at Chaparral for a while, then go back and pick it up. They do FANTASTIC repairs.

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