Battery removal

I've been having starter/battery issues for a while now and have resorted to just kicking it over. I've tried taking the battery out to save the weight up high, but the bike won't kick over nearly as easily as it will with the battery connected. I've tried grounding the negative lead with the battery out (as mentioned in a thread on this site) but it doesn't help either. Can someone suggest what I can do to get rid of the dead weight (remove battery) and still have it kick over as well as with the battery connected. Next step will be started removal. Thanks.

So.... you want a Yz, do ya? LOL. Might want to look at a YZ wiring diagram, see the differences regarding power to the CDI. I suspect, not having a battery, you are not getting as strong a spark to the plug as the stator is trying to generate the juice. A rewire there, combining both sets of coils will provide a lot more power at kicking speeds. But do the change very carefully with lots of analysis. Be cognizant of the output and the max power the stator can handle. If it were me, I'd replace the battery with a battery eliminator capacitor. It holds a small charge, just enough to get it started with a few kicks. Be sure to disconnect the tail light and the starter relay to ensure those do not drain off juice from the capacitor accidentally.

Thanks William.

I remember hearing about someone using a battery eliminator capacitor, I'll look around for one of those. I might have to play around a bit, as I'd rather leave my tail/brake light working.

To keep the taillight, it will need a little re-wiring. It will have to be on the headlight ac circuit instead of the dc battery circuit it is now. A pair of diodes will keep it lit evenly and eliminate flashing.

I am having week starter problems with my 05.The dealer sold me a new updated starter.Installing this weekend fingers crossed that it helps

I agree with wiliiam, you would probably need a capacitor

I'm ready to try the battery eliminator capacitor, but can't find a place that sells them, or even knows what I'm talking about.

I've tried a battery specialist and an auto supply store, but both were clueless.

Is this a specialty item, or is it a normal capacitor that can be purchased at an electrical supply store?


If you where going to keep the starter you could go with one of those ebatt Lithiums. They weigh like 12oz.

I have no experience with the Lithium but I've run there Nicad (weighs just under 2lbs) now for a few month's and am very impressed.

I've taken out the starter and battery. I just need a bit more spark when kicking over. Hopefully the capacitor will provide a bit more spark, because its waaay to hard to start the way it is right now. I tried just running a smaller battery, but the way I had it set up, the battery wasn't charging and my ignition system was cutting out when the voltage dropped.

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