cylinder gasket / coolant leak

hey guys,

rebuilt my 98 WR400 last summer, took it for a couple of rides and then started losing coolant between the cylinder and the crank case. the o-rings and the coolant tube are inserted properly, but the gasket between the cylinder and crank case was stretched out around the hole for the coolant tube. is this literally a 'blown gasket', and would just that gasket deformation be enough to allow the coolant to actually drain right out?

I already dismantled the top end and am replacing the gasket (head gasket, too, just for good measure...), but i want to see if anyone has any other ieas for me. if this is the problem, then great, but if it is a symptom of something larger then i'd love a crack at solving this now, while i have it apart.

related: could over-torquing and then backing off of the cylinder and head bolts be responsible?

Thanks everybody,


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