another 426 carb problem

My 426 has been sitting for a few months and of course she wouldnt start. I took apart the carb cleaned it out put it back together and she ran great. She then sat for a few weeks and now she start but wont run without the choke on. Soon as I turn off the choke it dies or starts backfiring out the pipe. Where should I start this time since I cant find any blockage or dirt in the carb.

I have had the same thing happen to me a few times. Sounds like a clogged pilot jet/circuit. Remove the pilot jet spray it with some carb cleaner and blow it out with compressed air. Now spray some of the carb cleaner where the pilot jet screws in. This has worked for me several times now. I hope this helps. :thumbsup:

Thanks.... I thought it was clean but who knows something could have been floating around the carb and found its way in to the jet. I ll try that soon as I get a chance. Thanks!!

DO NOT spray carb cleaner in the carb unless you have the slide out. the carb cleaner deforms the vacuum plate seal and youll have all kinda problems thereafter. :thumbsup:

but it definitely sounds like a pilot circuit issue. if youre gonna let it sit again....drop in a couple ounces of Sea Foam in the tank prior. wouldnt hurt to run some every few tanks either, for good measure.

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