xr650l big bore kit

Anyone know where I can find a big bore nkit for my xr650l?

Check Wisco

Checked "WISECO" they do have both high compressiom and over bore piston's and gasket kits but I would like to find a new cylinder to, does anyone know if this is possible or do you have to bore or sleeve the exsisting one? Anyhow heres the wiseco page were I found this stuff if anyone interested http://www.wiseco.com/PDFs/Catalogs/2008/CB/HondaCycleDirt.pdf

All you need to do is get the piston kit and then have the cylinder bored/honed to that piston. The shop that does the boring needs to have the piston available so they can get the piston to bore clearance correct.

JE also makes over sized pistons.

XR's only website shows big bore kits for the L also.

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