Wr 450 rebuild??

Hey there i found a good deal on a wr 450 but, im almost positive it needs to get rebuilt. I need to know quick to take advantage of it. Are thoes cylinders plated? What am i looking at for pricing? any good sites? It has bad compression and the owner dosent want ot tear it down i want to see if i will make out if i buy it and fix it, thanks guys


Yup, those cylinders are Nikasil plated.

If it's damaged your options are to replate or to re-new (actually you could also rebore and run a steel liner though thats not recommended).

Mine was damaged and I chose to buy a new cylinder / gasket / piston kit which ran to almost $400 in total.

TT store has good pricing, check out the green tab at top of page.

Maybe its just a blown gasket if compression is bad?

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