Wibbly Wobbly Wheel

Hi TT'ers,

im new at this dirt mallarcy, just got me a WR400 and have hurt myself already! but hey, if you dont fall off your not trying hard enough. my problem is that my front wheel has a bend in it and i dont know how to fix it, can you just tighten/loosen spokes to do it or do you tak it off and get it bent? other than that this dirt biking thing is fun!



depends on how much damage there is. If it's just a bit out of round and some spokes are loose, then retightening may be the way to go. If the rim is bent and dinged real bad then you might be able to straighten by pounding it back straight and then doing the spokes. If it's way out, take it to a shop to see if it's repairable.

thanks Steve,

its only one bend which is a section about 15mm long and kicks it out maybe 5mm, its a soft curve, no dings as such so im not sure how it got bent that way. i might just take it to a shop let them have a look at it.



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