xr250 Ticking when hot

Hi Guys,

Right, had the first decent run out on my 1998 xr250 this morning :-) pretty good fun although its a tad scary on tarmac (brand new full knobbly tyres so probably need some bedding in anyway :-) wanders a little and is pretty twitchy but guess thats normal on these tyres, get it on some mud though :-)

At the moment its standard apart from the snorkel being removed (still running standard baffle etc and hasnt been rejetted yet - waiting to get it through the MOT and then I will gordon it :-)

Anyway, once it got hot it started to make a clicking/ticking sound and I was getting a bit of an oil smell too (although that may have just been the excess oil that I spilt on the frame buring off :-) doesnt seem to be down on power or anything (can still lift the front wheel by sitting back on the seat a little and opening the throttle (no pulling on the bars etc either) so I think its running ok, but its loud enough to worry me thats for sure. I never had it fully up to temp before the oil change as it came from the Army full (literally) of oil so I dumped that as soon as I could and put a new filter and synthetic 10/40 oil in there (think its motorex or something, comes in 1 litre bottles with a spout on the bottle) so its a good quality oil etc, basically when I changed it I left the crankcase drain bolt and the frame bolt out and let all the old stuff drain out (about 2-2.5 litres came out!!) and then refilled with just under 1.5 litres of the new stuff, now when its up to temp its spot on the mid point of the dipstick so thats all ok.

Just wondered if this noise is a standard XR thing or whether its a common problem that I can easily sort etc? (milage wise its showing about 4500km but that may or may not be genuine as its an ex army bike so may have been changed if the old speddo broke for example) starts dead easy from cold and seems to have good compression etc (havent actually tried a hot start yet - may try tonight)

It will be having anouther run tonight back from the MOT centre and then it will be off the road again for a few weeks while I get the road registation sorted so I have a bit of time for some work on it..

Any ideas



ME my self sounds like you don't have a enough oil should be when cold just a little above the full mark oil has to go thur filter and all the way to top of motor so half full the case is all most empty.

umm thanks, anyone got clarification on this as I thought that with the xr you check the oil level when warm?

When up to temp the oil is half way up the dipstick in the frame, when cold its off the bottom - thought that was the idea on a dry sump bike?



I have wet pump and oil cooler you shoud double check i find conflicten stuff on xr's even in my own repair manul

I've an 98XR and it also ticks a bit sometimes and I've just learnt to live with it as it runs fine. I'm not sure about putting fully synthetic in an XR as it can cause the clutch to slip. I've experienced this when the engine is v.hot and the clutch was a nightmare, it was running expensive fully synthetic oil at the time. Since switching back to to cheaper semi-synthetic the clutch is fine. I've heard this is a common feature with XRs.

Thanks, I think Ive decided next time to go back to a semi synthetic oil, 1) this full synth stuff is damn expensive and 2) I wasnt getting anywhere near as much noise on the old stuff!

No issues with the clutch yet though but Ive not ridden it that hard yet :-)

Should get my road registration etc soon so will start using it properly then.


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