Air filter rubber

Im in the process of cleaning both air filters that I got with my bike, but noticed that where the plastic cage goes through the filter No rubber ! I would have thought there would have been some kind of rubber gromet ? like on other makes or is this how it should be ?


My filters don't wear rubbers either

no rubbers on my Uni filters either.

Get a Moose filter! They use the rubber grommet.

I use Moose filters and I have mixed feelings... I think that they are a quality filter but they instruct you not to grease the neoprene seal.... sorry but there is no way I am not applying rim grease... I don't know if it will break down the neoprene over time but I will keep an eye on them.

As far as the center grommet goes, you don't need one. That plastic keper ring will compress the foam against the cage and that will provide an excellent seal :thumbsup:

Thanks, Just wanted to be sure

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