o5 wr450 good deal or not

I found a 05 450 for $6200 but I think I can get it for $5000 It is street legal in ca but this is only becouse it has slip though the dmv it is hard to find a street legal in ca the only other option is a ktm or new husky which is a great bike but $8300 out the door I really like yamaha what do you think the yam has ims tank ,pegs,skid plate steering damper pipe etc In talking to the guy it sounds like it has about 800 miles on it and is in good condition

I paid $5000 for my used 06 WR450 back in fall of 06 it had 300 miles on it.

It's a fair deal if it's clean and the dual sport kit is done right.

I have a plated 05 wr450. I wouldn't want to sell it EVER... unless of course, someone would pay me enough to have a good payment towards a new plated Husky or KTM.

Be patient... a better deal with show up, but maybe not for a plated wr.

Yeah, $6200 seems a bit steep. I picked up an '05 wr450 with only three easy rides on it (not even the mods were done !!) for $4200 about 5 months ago. Sweet ride but not street legal. Food for thought. Cheers

Good deal for 5k if its plated and you have the dough and the bike is clean. I have an 05 and its plated...the time and money I spent to mod it and make it streetable is valuable and dam near embarassing in hindsight but now...selling it would kill me. This bike has yet to disappoint me and fun on the road with the offroad option rocks! 50+mpg has got to be a plus in cali too. The bike will pay for itself right there.

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