Fresh top end...wont start

Ok, just finished a rebuild.

Here are the problems so far.

Compression w/ decomp: 0psi

Compression w/o decomp: 150psi

Wont start. Spark is good. Fuel is flowing.

First question, is it possible to put the cam in, upside down? When you line up the "-" and the "EX-" and get the chain over it (no problems here and yes its dead on at TDC) is there an up or down that the cam lobes should go in? I didnt think it should matter but maybe I'm wrong.

edit: I installed with the marks dead even with the top of the head and the lobes facing down for compression stroke.

Where else to look?

Thanks her running like a champ now.

Always the little things. her running like a champ now.

Always the little things.


Yeah, what what was the problem? If you share it here, it might help someone else in the same situation later.

Oh sorry missed responding to this.

I had also rejetted the carb and during the process the idle adjust was off.

1/2 turn in and she starts hot or cold one light kick every time.

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