Cannondale 440

Well, I got to ride a new 440 Cannondale last week. I was real impressed with the quality. Throttle response was awesome and power was smoooooth :) The happy button sure was nice. not as much power as my 400, but that may have just been the way it felt. I will be curious about durability. Hope Yamaha revamps the WR's soon.

I have had my E440 for almost three months without any reliability problems at all so far. The bike just gets better and more fun everyday.

The only thing I would want on a Dale that isn't available yet is a wide ratio tranny. Other than that the thing is an MX rocket and the power is so smooth on my "E" mapped bike it hits about as hard as my old XR250. Real weird but real fast.

The suspension is so fun you end up trying to jump everything you can on the woods rides. See that softball size rock ahead? Jump it! See that log. Jump it! See that mountain lion? Jump it! You get the idea.

Well, I'm jumping out of here. Have Fun!

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