xr600 won't start! Or its me....

I tried last night in the garage to start my bike, just to hear it .:thumbsup: My bike is stock except for a Yosh exhaust, opened up air box and it runs really well, but I just can't get the kicking procedure right. I spent at least 20 minutes kicking with no luck.

PJ is a 62 with a MJ 160. I was using a 65 and 68 PJ before when riding in the Palm Springs area, (which is about 1000 ft above sea level and here in L.A. its about 400 ft above sea level) but experiencing "flame out" afew time. So with the recommendations from some members here I lowered the PJ. Would that much difference in elevation matter?

Anyway, knowing exactly when the piston is TDC or just pass is becoming diffultcult.

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Does the spark plug have spark?

Does the spark plug have spark?

Also, whats the quality of the spark. You may have a failing stator if the spark is weak.

When was the last time you checked your valves. :thumbsup: One may be tight and making it hard to find TDC. Just me $.02

I went through this heartache a couple months ago with my '00 600R.

Uncorked, 170 MJ, 68 PJ, 2-3/4 turns on the fuel screw, full Yosh system.

Damn thing wouldn't start for crap. Someone here recommended I turn the idle up about a turn before starting, and voila! Started up on 2nd kick and I've had no probs since.

Try it.

Of course, make sure of the obvious, fuel/compression/spark, yadda, yadda,yadda.........

funny you should mention the idle! I spoke to George at ESP and about the "flame out". He suggested running the idle higher to avoid the "flame out". When I had the 65 and 68 PJ in I didnt have a problem with starting1:applause:

thanks for the replies!!!!

When the bike sits for a long time all the oil drains off the piston and rings. That results in low compressions as the rings need a little oil to seal. One thing to try is lay the bike over so the oil can get to the piston. Lift up and immediately kick.

Turn off the gas before laying it down.

I'd put the 68 or the 65 pilot back in there. I run a 68 and I think that it's the best unless I'm going to stay above 8000 feet. Then I migh go smaller.

I dunno, I second the valve clearance check. Even if my bike sits for 6 months, it's still (painfully)easy to find TDC and do the starting drill.

I dunno, I second the valve clearance check. Even if my bike sits for 6 months, it's still (painfully)easy to find TDC and do the starting drill.

I agree. If everything is within spec, no matter how long it sits it should be a fairly routine event. Mine starts 2nd-3rd kick everytime since I put new piston/rings and adj the valves.

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