rewound stator .. wont start now??

ok.. so i rewound the stator per instruction( actually i rewound it in november.. today is the frist day i put it back on)

reattached the stator anand for i dont remember them but i have some wire connections that dont have mates??

eitehr way.. i attach the stator and go to start her up ..


2x 3x the starting procedure. the idle screw thecarnb position. i can find TDC easily enough.

but it wont start.. nothing

now could i have rewound the stator incorrectly?

my bike is a 2000 650r. with a BD street legal kit.

could some of the wirign connection.. i could have reconnec ted wrong?? i attached liek colors to liek colors... and like i said i had soem wires that didnt have mates.. ican attacha pic.


i came into some money so i might jsut buy a new rewound stator... now...

I don't think buying a new stator is going to solve your problem if you don't have everything plugged in.

Yes there are 6 wires coming out of the stator, 2 for ignition timing, 2 for ignition power and 2 for AC power for lights.

If I remember right the 2 AC power wires run to the power regulator (aluminum thingy with air cooling fins on top of the air box) and he other 4 wires run to the CDI box (black box also on top of the air box I think).

Sorry if I am wrong about locations as my stuff has all been moved around. I could probably come up with wire colors and pictures when I get home to check.

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