Flushing Engine

Had a question about flushing a yz 426 engine. Wondering if dumping oil in through the crankcase drain, to try and flush something out, would hurt the engine at all.

What are you trying to flush out of the engine? Did you get water in the motor? To drain the engine fully you need to remove both the frame drain plug and case drain plug along with the filter. Shell Rotella T 15W-40 would be a good oil to use to flush the engine. $9 a gallon at Wally World.

trying to flush out a piece of a heli-coil that fell in the crankcase after installing it

Which threads on the crankcase were you installing a heli-coil in?

drain plug

So just the heli-coil driving tang is sitting somewhere in the bottom of the crankcase? I thought maybe a magnet, but the heli-coil is stainless steel so that won't work. Try fishing around with a pipe cleaner thru the crankcase drain hole. As far as trying to flush it out you will need a really thin oil to create some good flow. Just fill the frame to the very top then pull the drain plug and pray it comes out. Run the oil thru a paint strainer to verify.

You might try removing the ignition cover. The sump screen is actually visible through that side, and your fishing expedition will be a little easier to pursue.

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