Cylinder / Crank Case gasket issues

Hi Guys,

looks like i have a huge leak between the cylinder and the crank case, right at the coolant tube/o-ring connection (front of engine, runs between oil channels). I disassembled the top end, and saw that the hole in the gasket that fits over the coolant tube/oring connection was deformed. would this be a 'blown gasket', and could that alone be the reason for coolant just flowing freely out of the channel?



The O-ring should have sealed the coolant, but it may have shrunk. The base gasket on engines that have O-rings at that joint are not intended to hold the kind of pressure typically generated in a cooling system. It was proably no more than a shrunken ring, and just replacing the ring and gasket will most likely fix things.

OK, parts should be here tomorrow, so i'll let you know how it goes.



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