Recommend a tyre

Hi All

I live in the UK and looking to buy a rear tyre for my WR400 F 1998

It has a King make on at the moment and has worn down in about 1 days riding!!

I only go green laning and a little road work

I went out for a ride last Sunday the tyre was brand new,i did about 5 miles on the road the rest was off road on mud and grass etc

I got home and i think it would do one more item and its gone!!

I need a tyre that is road legal in the UK that last more than one day

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated


try a bf goodrich crossengo, they are dot approved road legal tyres, they are quite aggressive for road riding but seem to last.

Look at the Dunlop 606. They are great in the dirt and mud, and stick to the roads very well. And best of all, they seem to hold up to the abuse we all like to dish out!


If you are just trail riding and not racing I would recommend a Michelin AC10.

Its quite a hard tyre but will cope with the odd trip on the road without rounding off and wearing to quickly.

A lot of TRF members fit these to Enduro bikes and the like.

You will be reducing the profile of the rear from 140 to 110 but again if your not racing you won't notice it. :confused:

Thanks for the help guy's i will have a look at all the tyres reccommended

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