Keihin FCR41 jets: where to buy?

So, I run a FCR41 on my 650R Supermotard and need some jets etc. I live in Belgium,Europe and such spare parts are expensive or difficult to find here.

I tried Sudco in the past for carb parts like needles /jets etc but they doesn't answer my emails. :thumbsup:

I did get parts from Pro-Flo then but that site doesn't work any more. :eek:

So ,any good stores for Keihin spare parts (needles/jets etc for FCR non MX type)with a good service/nice prices ?

what jets do you need and what size?

Thx for the link. :eek: Good service there?

I need some pilots, needles and other small stuff. I have a bunch of main and pilot jets from the OEM XR carb and for Fcr Mx but the pilotjets are different and hard/expensive to get in Europe.IF you can get them ,they are 2x times the price then in the USA :thumbsup:

I and other's that have done biz with them have had good service and tech advise from them. Hope they do the same for you euro boy's.

TT is so good. :thumbsup:

TT member WR TOM offered me to send some spare jets he have for free.

Thx TOM:applause:

Allens Performance Ltd. supply Keihin and Mikuni jets in UK

Tel 01949 836 733.

I don't benefit from this.

Clive W :thumbsup:

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