Ok, Im an idiot, what should I do?

07 yz450 Ok, I ran my bike to warm it up for an oil change (45 degree's in NY today) and it was fine(had to rip it down the road) so I go to drain the oil on the left side of the motor, and the oil is coming out slow, so I take off the oil fill plug. I decide to take out the dipstick in the front of the engine (bike was power washed after last ride) and there was a small amount of dirt near the dipstick. Yup you guessed it I flung it with a wrench (away from the opened fill hole) and some how it bounced of from the frame and fell right in the fill hole!!:ride::lol::thumbsup::D *** is pretty much what I said when it happened, I can see the clump of mud, the size of a gumball sitting there tempting me to try and get it out. I figured needle nose pliers would make it crumble, so I grabed the shopvac and start suckin. Of corse I didn't empty the vac before using it and after sucking the open hole there is nomore dirt clump there. I don't know if I got it:confused: So I take a fresh quart of oil and dump it in and open the other drain plug on the right side and hope to doush it out. I didn't see any clumps, but I still want to take of the cover and clean it out, any recommendations on what else I should do??:eek: Thanks, I am hopeing it's cool, but don't want to f-up the motor, any info would be great:thumbsup:


ps, always leave no place for dirt to enter a motor!!!!

I would say.... shoot pool this weekend...... and bet heavy....lol

It sounds like you answered your own question. You sucked er outta there. If not I would think the lil mudball would soon be reduced to whatever type dirt particles you have there and then be caught in the oil filter. Maybe some back to back oil/filter changes just to be sure. Just my 2 cents. --RR

yea just take the cover off. its not hard.

I once had a pile of shaved aluminum from a loose screw in my Rekluse. I took out all the drain plugs and ran a bunch of mineral spirits through it, just to flush it all out. Then I filled it with some cheap oil, ran it for a minute or two and drained it all out. Then I filled it with my regular oil, went for a ride, changed it again and called it good. Seemed to work good for me. :thumbsup:

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