Bulb question

I have a 45 watt stator that im trying to run a brake, running, plate, and headlight off of. I need a fairly low wattage headlight. It doesnt really need to be bright becuase im not riding at night, it just needs to look like its bright for tech inspection. I cant seem to find where they make a 35watt H4. Also, is there a different type of bulb i could solder up?

Stock WR bulb is a halogen 35 watter. No H4's made in this wattage though if you scour the net you may find one. Many also use those tiny par halogens, though the larger the reflector, the more efficient the light.

The acerbis DHH CE/DOT headlight is a 35 watt unit that is DOT legal and will pass inspection in all 50 states. You absolutely have to run an LED tail / brake light. Incandesent lights are in the 20/25 watt range and put you way over the 45 watt max. LED tail lights only pull 1 watt. I recommend the Baja Designs unit - only problem is it isn't DOT approved so depending on your state you may or may not have a problem. Other than that, you can sneak an LED 1157 bulb into a DOT approved light housing to pass inspection. Trail Tech sells the 1 watt led 1157 bulb.

well, well, well. Sweet. I plan on using the LED 1157 in my WR rear fender. A couple white LED singles for the plate lights. Im pretty sure the bulb in the headlihgt now is 55 watts, at idle it can hardly be seen. I wish they made a LED headlight bulb!

They do make a LED headlight but it is basically worthless. Unfortunately, you need a good amount of power to get sufficient illumination in the real world.

The LED head light is only for 'legal' purposes. IE, you have a 'headlight' on your bike and it lights up. Nevermind it does not light up the road. Some places simply require its' existence, not performance, hence the LED headlights.

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